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Holiday Lake Estates was established in 1961 by CJ Gerlach as a vacation community.  It has since grown into a beautiful developement of 3 Lakes, 7 Parks,  a pool and a Community Center.  All the work that is done in this community is Volunteer work.  We take pride in maintaining our Parks and Lakes and are always on the lookout for others who would like to help with this effort.  Our community is governed by the HLE Board  which is otherwise known as the Holiday Lake Estates Civic Club.  Our meetings are the last Saturday of every month (except for December) and all property owners are welcomed to attend.  This website has been established to help our community be more aware the events and happenings within our community.  If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions  fill out the Contact Form, it will be forwarded to the Board.

See Calendar of Events for specific Board Meeting Dates.


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January 7, 2016



From:   Jeffery Anderson & Danny Davis

Below, please find some facts and clarification with regards to the Holiday Lakes Estates Civic Club (HLECC) and the Holiday Lakes Estates Volunteer Fire Department (HLEVFD). 

HLECC has offered numerous lease options to the HLEVFD.  All were rejected.  We were informed by a representative from HLEVFD that the only option the HLEVFD would accept would be a Special Warranty Deed.  HLECC does not have the authority to do this.

  • HLECC consulted with our Attorney to find out what we could do.  We were advised to submit eviction notice.  HLECC and HLEVFD continued to try to solve the lease issue.  While we were talking, HLEVFD moved out of the building, still wanting a Deed only. Therefore, through the HLEVFD’s own desire.  The lease is terminated.
  • HLEVFD for the past two years has been and is listed with Polk County as a Medical First Responder.  HLEVFD have not ever had any qualified people with certification for this designation within the last 2 years and currently.   HLEVFD calls South Polk County VFD, who IS a certified Medical First Responder to respond to the medical needs in our community.
  • HLEVFD REFUSES to call the Goodrich VFD for Fire Assist even though GVFD is 5-10 minutes away (and the nearest) and South PCVFD is 15 to 20 minutes away.
  • There was a house fire on Cherrywood on 01/05/16.  HLEVFD was called, HLEVFD called South Polk County for assistance.  911 services or Sheriff called Livingston Fire Department for assistance.  When Livingston FD arrived, Livingston FD immediately called Goodrich VFD for assistance.

 There was never intent or desire to “throw” out the Fire Department.  Further information (detailed) will be mailed to all in the near future.

Statement Release From Polk County, County Judge  01-08-2016


Polk County (and Emergency Management) does not have any authority with regards to the current contract negotiations or any disputes between the Holiday Lakes Estates Civic Club (HLECC) and the Holiday Lakes Volunteer Fire Department (HLVFD). Each of these groups operate independently of the County and of each other --- so, all disputes between the two entities need to be settled by their representatives.


Polk County has a contract with every volunteer fire department in the County (which are managed through the Emergency Management Office) to provide emergency fire response in an agreed upon area. The fire chiefs all agree on what the response area is comprised of. In return, every VFD provides the County with a Quarterly Report of any activity or training with their group. In this manner, the entire County receives fire emergency service. Polk County also provides each fire department with a small stipend to help support the fire department activities and purchase equipment. They have discretion over the expenditure of those monies.


A lot of these relationships and agreements are verbal and not under any form of regulation. 


I will certainly be happy to answer any questions that residents of Holiday Lakes Estates might have. I just want to make sure everyone understands that our authority is very limited in this particular instance. I appreciate you forwarding my email to everyone else.


Many Thanks and have a great weekend ---


Sydney Murphy

Polk County Judge


"Ask not what HLECC can do for you; ask what you can do for Holiday Lake Estates


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